Anna Lisa Illustration – My website that has all my other illustrations/designs.
Patreon – Think of it as a tip jar. You’ll get to see behind the scene work, updates before everyone else and there’s cool rewards!
My Store – Has printed Inward Bound comic books, as well as my personal artwork on buttons, patches, stickers and other books.
Tumblr – my art, other people’s art, inspiration and horrible memes.
Instagram – sketches, designing at a brewery and cute animals I don’t own.
Twitter – I talk about my farts a lot. You’ve been warned.

Links to webcomics I read/have read.

Gunnerkrigg Court
Questionable Content
Something Positive
Girls With Slingshots – Finished, but the older greyscale pages are getting colored.
Sister Claire – Two comics in one!
Octopus Pie
Meaty Yogurt
Yu + Me: Dream – Finished
Hyperbole And A Half
Hark! A Vagrant
Dumbing Of Age
Girly – Finished
You Suck – NSFW
Oglaf – NSFW
Chester 5000 XYV – NSFW and Finished
Oh Joy Sex Toy – NSFW, but incredibly educational
Dar Comic – Finished
Dresden Codak
Rice Boy – Read Rice Boy first (it’s finished) then read Vattu.