This cute fan art is done by Tara Kurtzhals! Tara and I met when I was in college, mentoring high schoolers at a precollege camp at College for Creative Studies. She was talented then, and continued to exponentially grow over the years. She recently graduated and is now off on her art journey. Tara has a wonderful comic called Knight and Beard and I recommend checking it out!

Her work can be found here!

I can’t handle how cute Emilin is!

To those I met at the Grand Rapids Zine Fest, hi! Had a blast tabling (and had the good fortune of having my table right between some solid people). If you’re in West Michigan, you should hit up GRZF next year!

I AM SO TIRED. Comic will be up next week. I need to play catch up with some life things/kickstarter rewards (yes, I’m still working on them).