You’d think that making a comic about depression, would help me deal with depression better.
Alas, it doesn’t. Had a rough few weeks, and as always the first thing to go when I’m feeling wonky is the comic.

I feel more or less back to normal, but not promising the posting schedule is back to normal.

I’m getting rid of the Inward Bound Facebook page, and moving all of my FB art stuff to here.

Recently I got a dog (if you haven’t noticed), and have made stickers of her adorable face.

All proceeds of the stickers go to the Alive Rescue, where we adopted Mona.

I also have pre-orders on a new sparkly pin if you’re interested. Pre-orders get special pricing and a limited edition sticker.

Events coming up: I’ll be at Mid-West Flair Fest as well as Grand Rapids Comic Con.