Iris is yelling again.

Hi and welcome back!

Like I said, style is going to change a bit. I’d like IB to be a little bit more reflective of my sketchbook style (which is a mess). We’ll see how it goes.
Here’s a dorky little drawing of our dorks I did awhile ago:


Anna Lisa

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  1. William Ansley
    William Ansley says:

    I have to say that I preferred the original style for this comic; but, hey, you’re the author/artist after all, so I suppose you do get to change it if you want.

      • Anna Lisa Schneider
        Anna Lisa Schneider says:

        Gosh darn right I get to change it!

        The style will probably morph more and more, in who knows what direction. It’s an attempt of smashing the previous style with my sketchbook drawing style, which is a lot looser and weirder line work.

        I’m not 100% thrilled with it now (am I ever?), but I need to keep it going.

        But thanks for the feedback!

        • William Ansley
          William Ansley says:

          I appreciate the fact that you replied so politely to someone who could easily have been dismissed as a random hater; and I would have been disappointed if you had let my comment change how you drew your comic. I still question your decision to change the art style in the final chapter, but go for it. You are obviously a talented artist; I am very impressed by the illustrations on your website. And I will be reading your comic to the end with great interest.

          • Anna Lisa Schneider
            Anna Lisa Schneider says:

            Hey, it was semi-constructive, and I’m bored at work, so of course I’m going to reply.

            Don’t worry, it’s not the final chapter, just the last chapter that will be included in volume 1. Inward Bound has a good chunk of stuff to go through before it ends.

            Like I send, the style will probably change (although probably slower) over the years/chapters, my own personal style changes every couple of years anyway.

            Also, thanks for reading! 😀

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