What a Brat.

Seriously, Iris doesn’t appreciate a homemade gift.
Happy 4th of July for my fellow American jerks. Don’t set fire to your eyebrows when playing with fireworks1

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  1. Craig Trautman
    Craig Trautman says:

    I just discovered your comic and I love the art and the idea of Emilio, and I can really relate to Iris and her state of mind. I can’t wait to see what more will come. I’ll keep up with the updates! Also, I see we share some musical tastes

    • Anna Lisa Schneider
      Anna Lisa Schneider says:

      Aww thanks!:D
      Emilin is one of my favorite things to draw, and really, I made this comic just so I can have a reason for drawing her. Can’t wait to get into more of her story.

      A lot of the songs are what directly inspired the comic too, especially Shakespeare’s Sisters “Stay”.

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