I know, I know, no capes, but just you wait until you see what this one can do!
I’ve only been waiting 6 months to finally draw this outfit.

OH FUN FACT: You can now support me on Patreon. I’ll be posting behind the scenes stuff, concept sketches and works in progress.
Some goals I want to hit are upgrading studio equipment, getting Inward Bound pages to TWICE A WEEK  (WHAATT!?!?!) and getting pages to COLOR (DOUBLE WHAAAAT??!!!?!). So if you want more, colorful Inward Bound, feel free to chip in, or at least share it (especially with that weird rich aunt of yours).

Going to be launching an online store soon, so if you missed your chance to get books from the Kickstarter, worry not, they’ll soon be available. I’ll have books, stickers, buttons and patches. HOT. DOG.

Speaking of stickers and buttons, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY on my instagram! Be sure to enter so you can get some cool stuff!