Break – Week 2

This week’s guest artist is Sean Mack aka Smack aka one of the most talented dudes I know.
You can check his work here, as well as his instagram, and twitter.
He’s the art side of The Revolutionary Times (a wonderful comic chock full of social commentary and pop culture), as well as the creator of The Red Series (NSFW, beautiful portraits, pin ups of real people…my boobs may be in one of the books).

I met Smack in college in a children’s book illustration class. I was always intrigued by  his comic series that he had started and would constantly be creeping over his shoulder, watching him work. I’d always want to ask him a million questions, but was too shy (or probably thought I’d terrify him because he was always very quiet).

Nowadays I harass him on twitter, and he’s been oh so very kind and helpful with advice about comic stuff.
He’s a hilarious saint, and you should all support his work!

Check out the Kickstarter to help get Inward Bound books printed!

Next week, I’ll be back with the beginnings of Chapter 3!