I visited CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) this Saturday and it was AWESOME!

There were so many talented and fantastic artists tabling. I also got a chance to meet a couple people whose work I’ve admired.
I met Matt Tichenor of Things Keep Happening. He does a comic about a cute little robot named Blue.

Met Evan Dahm of Rice Boy and Vattu, who I am A BIG FAN of. Check out his beautiful and surreal comics about a land called Overside.

And John Vestevich (sorry I lied and didn’t come back, you are insanely talented, so high fives)

Saw the mermaid-in-a-previous-life, Rosalarian who is unofficially my webcomic mom. She’s pretty cool.

Met up with Andy Gabrysiak for a hot second too. His work is grungy, gross and hilarious in an unsettling way.

ALSO REUNITED WITH MY PRECIOUS DARLING LITTLE HANNOOOOOODLES (aka Hannah Stockdale)! We went to college and were RAs together. She is a tiny, sassy and fantastic human being. Check her out.

I went a tad overboard and bought so many comics. No regrets. I’m very much looking forward to hiding under blankets and reading all of them.

cake haul 2016

I am fired up to do more comics and just do all of the art.